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Weapon Attributes[edit]

Attribute Type Description
Light Reduces the weight of the item.
Agile Increases the attack speed of the weapon. (-1 speed)
Strong Increases the endurance of the weapon.
Critical Increases critical attacks damage.
Poison Adds poison damage to every attack. Poison damage is dealt over time.
Sharp Increases the damage of the weapon by 1.
Ancient Increases the damage of the weapon by 2.
Righteous Increases the damage of the weapon according to the amount of reputation your character has, compared to the player you are attacking.(400 vs 0 = +8 damage)(PVP ONLY)
Crush Chance Increases the chance to score a crushing hit.(Bonus damage)
Crush Damage Increases the amount of crush damage when landing a crushing hit.

Short Swords[edit]

Name Dmg Full Swing Level Picture
Dagger ? ?? ?? image002.jpg

Long Swords[edit]

Name Damage Full Swing (STR) Level Picture
Long Sword 4 26 1 N/A
Scimitar 6 39 10 N/A
Broad Sword 8 65 20 N/A
Bastard Sword 9 78 30 N/A
Claymore 10 91 40 N/A
Great Sword 11 104 60 N/A
Flamberge 12 130 60 N/A
Giant Sword 14 156 75 N/A
Black Shadow Sword 16 156 105 N/A