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Each spell has an element which has its strengths and weaknesses against other elements. This is mainly useful against monsters. Using a spell against a monster's weak element causes 25% increased damage , while using the same element will reduce damage by 25% .
Spell vs NPC Earth Lightning Fire Ice
Earth vs Weak Strong Normal Normal
Lightning vs Normal Weak Normal Strong
Fire vs Strong Normal Weak Normal
Ice vs Normal Normal Strong Weak

Circle 1[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Magic Missile 18 8 Lightning Small magic missile,5-13 damage. 1x1 20
Create Food 18 18 N/A Creates food(Meat or baguette). 1x1 20
Heal 20 15 N/A Recover 15-25 health points. 1x1 20
Meditation 40 Scales with LVL(0 cost when cast on own character) Holy Regenerates Mana . 1x1 Talent Specific Spell

Circle 2[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Recall 10 15 N/A Lvl 81+ teleports yourself to your city, lvl 80- teleports you to the farm. You can not Recall from enemy town, or enemy town maps. 1x1 24
Stamina Drain 22 15 N/A Drains 15-50 Stamina Points 3x3 40
Energy Bolt 24 15 Lightning A bolt of energy, 5-15 Damage 3x3 40
Celebrating Light 25 20 N/A Fancy Fireworks 1 Min 40
Defense Shield ? ? N/A Raises Defense Points by 10 1 Min ?
Minor Berzerk ? ? N/A x1.4 physical attack damage 1 Min ?

Circle 3[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Stamina Recovery 20 20 N/A Recovers 15-25 Stamina Points 3x3 60
Protection from Arrows 20 22 N/A Total protection from arrows 1 Min 60
Fireball 26 27 Fire Shoots a fireball, 10-17 damage 2x2 100
Hold Person 26 24 N/A Holds Target, canceled by any damage 1x1 100
Possession 26 25 N/A Grab items from far away 1x1 100
Great Heal 28 28 N/A Gain 25-45 Health Points 1x1 100
Poison 29 28 Poison Poison target with 20 Poison damage 1x1 140
Great Stamina Recovery 30 45 N/A Recover 19-57 Stamina 3x3 160

Circle 4[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Invisibility 30 31 N/A Makes the target invisible for 1 minute 1x1 160
Detect Invisibility 30 33 N/A Detects invisible players and monsters Full Screen 140
Protection from Magic 32 35 N/A Protection from offensive spells up to Circle 8 1 Min 170
Tremor 33 34 Earth Shakes the ground below, 10-20 damage 3x3 200
Fire Strike 34 36 Fire Greater Fireball, 15-25 damage 4x4 200
Cure 35 32 N/A Cure the target of poison 1x1 140
Paralyze 36 35 N/A Paralyzes target, cancels when attacked by magic 1x1 200
Summon Creature 38 35 N/A Summon monsters to your side 1x1 200
Lightning Arrow 34 36 Lightning Electric Arrow, 20-45 damage 1x1 220

Circle 5[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Confuse Language 42 40 N/A Messes up chat for 2 minutes. 3x3 260
Firewall 45 42 Fire Area effect spell. Creates a wall of fire 1x5 40 sec 240
Fire Field 48 48 Fire Area Effect Spell. Creates a field of fire 3x3 40 secs 280
Triple Energy Bolt 45 40 Lightning Shoots 3 stronger Energy Bolts 5x5 340
Great Defense Shield 46 45 N/A Gives user 20 Defense points. 1 Min 300
Lightning 47 48 Lightning Stroke of Lightning, 30-55 Damage 1x1 340
Poison Cloud 49 48 Poison Area Effect Spell.Creates a cloud of poison 3x3 40 secs 360
Chill Wind 50 45 Ice Freezes and damages target lightly 3x3 400

Circle 6[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Haste* 62 60 N/A Temporarily grants a boost of speed 1x1 Rare Manual
Mass Poison 52 52 Poison Critically Poisons target 1x1 420
Mass Lightning Arrow 53 55 Lightning 5 Lightning Arrows, 28-63 damage 1x1 600
Spike Field 55 56 Lightning Area Effect Spell.Field of Spikes, 3 to 8 health points each step 4x4 460
Ice Storm* 59 58 Ice Area Effect Spell. Freezes target, slow damage while inside storm 3x3 Manual
Lightning Bolt 58 58 Lightning Bolt of Lightning, 35-52 Direct Damage, 15-25 Path Range 3x3 500
Berserk 59 57 N/A Doubles physical attack damage 1 min 440
Ice Strike 60 59 Ice Freezes and damages target 4x4 840
Chain Heal TBA 56 Holy Heals upto 3?? targets close to caster ?? Talent Specific

Circle 7[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Energy Strike 67 65 Lightning Stream of Energy Pulses, 45-80 Damage 4x4 1000
Mass Fire Strike 85 80 Fire Exploding Firebomb, 40-80 damage 4x4 TBA
Confusion 73 78 N/A Target cannot recognize a player's allegiance 3x3 30 seconds 1500
Mass Chill Wind 93 93 Ice Stronger Chill Wind 4x4 1960
Earthworm Strike 97 80 Earth Summons a worm to strike from the ground beneath, drains 40 Stamina Points 3x3 2400
Absolute Magic Protection 112 90 N/A Protection from all Magic 1x1 2700
Armor Break 97 90 Earth Lowers the endurance on an target's armor and does significant damage. 3x3 4000
Scan 70 50 N/A Scan targets HP/MP,Element and hammer reduction 1x1 4000

Circle 8[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Bloody Shock Wave* 105 120 Lightning Sends out a red shock wave, 60-80 Damage direct hit, 20-40 Path range hit 3x3 Manual
Cloud Kill 120 130 Poison Area Effect Spell. Creates a field of critically poisonous cloud 5x5 4000
Lightning Strike 123 90 Lightning Electrifying Lightning Bolts stream from the eyes! 4x4 4300
Mass Confusion 130 136 N/A Confusion, but twice as long 4x4 1 Min 3000
Mass Ice Strike 118 115 Ice Freezes and damages target heavily 4x4 4200
Illusion Movement 160 150 N/A Player can not control their movements as well 1x1 5600
Cancellation* 135 120 N/A Deactives Protection from arrows, Protection from Magic, Absolute Magic Protection, Defense Shield, Great Defense Shield, Paralyze (even from Medusa Sword), Mass Illusion Movement, Berserk, and freezes (including freeze from Ice Sword). 1x1 Manual

Circle 9[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Hits Price
Illusion 150 143 N/A Target sees other players as the spell caster for 20 s 3x3     
Meteor Strike 169 120 Fire Call upon a flaming meteor from the skies. 3x3 Direct impact
init hit dmg < next hit dmg
Mass Magic Missile 174 129 Lightning Summons a swarm of slow moving magic missile that take time to reach their target. 3x3 Direct impact
init hit dmg > next hit dmg
Inhibition Casting* 172 160 N/A Makes targeted player fail spell casts for 40 seconds 1x1      Manual

Circle 10[edit]

Spell INT Mana Element Effect Range Price
Mass Illusion 180 200 N/A Illusion, for three times as long 1x1 7000
Ressurection** 100 200 N/A Ressurects targeted dead player with half their HP. 1x1 Staff
Mass Illusion Movement* 200 200 N/A A players movements are reversed (left becomes right) etc for 1 min. Cannot cast near fellow Citizens. 1x1 Manual
Elemental Signature Spells
Spell INT Mana Element Effect Damage Price
Blizzard 195 170 Ice Call upon a snowstorm to freeze and critically damage your enemies (hits multiple times and pierces Protection from Magic)      Talent Spell
Earth Shock Wave 190 180 Earth High damage earth attack, drains SP. Drains SP even when PFM is activated.      Talent Spell
Hell Fire 200 180 Fire Summons a great swarm of meteors to rain down causing huge amounts of damage.      Talent Spell
Fury Of Thor 182 160 Lightning Large range high damage lightning attack      Talent Spell


If the circle you're casting is higher than your level / 10, then you get less hitratio the higher the circle is. If it's lower, you get more hitratio the lower the circle is. At level 140, the lower the circle is, the more hitratio it has. The amount you gain/lose is 5 HR per circle difference. So at level 140, you get +20 HR on Blizz, +50 on Para, and +55 on Hold Person. If you're going to break the para right away, then you should just do Hold Person. Additionally, you should use Energy Bolt and not Fire Ball/Fire Strike to break allied paras. It's less MP, has more HR, and deals less damage