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Account setup and Character Development[edit]

Download the Olympia Client from

1.Creating a new Account

You must create an account if you are new. You can create by clicking 'New Account' in the main page. Fill in all the information needed and then click the 'Create' button.


Fill in all the blank spaces correctly,the account name must not already be in use.

2.Create a new Helbreath Character.


2.1. Characteristic Allocation Each character has six specific attributes,the specific points determine the build of the character. Each time the character gains a level you gain three points to allocate to the attribute of your choice,until the maximum level of 140.

Attribute points range from 10 - 200(maximum).

(1) STR (Strength):STR points define the power of a character.

2 STR = +1 Max HP (160 Str = +80 Max HP)
1 STR = +2 Max SP (160 Str = +320 Max SP)
1 Str = +5 Max Weight (160 Str = +800 Max Weight)
Hands: +1 base damage for every 20 Str (+8)
Archery: +1 base damage for every 30 Str (+2)
Weapons: +0.2% base damage for every 1 Str (+32.00%)
Related skills = Mining, Hand Attack, Manufacturing
(2) VIT (Vitality):VIT Points define the life force of a character.

1 VIT = +3 Max HP (51 Vit = +153 Max HP)
HP Regen: +3d(Vit/3) with max Vit/2 (+3d17 with max 25)
SP Regen: +3d(Vit/10) = +33d5
Reduces all incoming damage by 1 every 20 Vit (51 Vit = +2)
(3) DEX (Dexterity) : The DEX points define the agility of a character.

1 Dex = +2 Defense Ratio (129 Dex = +258 Defense Ratio)
+1.2 Physical Hit Ratio for every 1 Dex above 50 (129 Dex = +95 Physical Hit Ratio)
Related skills = Fishing, Archery, Short Sword, Long Sword, Fencing, Axe, Shield, Hammer
(4) INT (Intelligence):INT defines the Intelligence of a character. The more INT points you have, the higher circle magic you will get.

2 Int = +1 Max MP (59 Int = +29 Max MP)
Every 2 Int above 50 increases casting probability.
Int is required for learning magic spells at the Wizard tower.
Related skills = Farming, Alchemy
(5) MAG (Magic):MAG points define the magical ability of a character.Higher Mag increases MP Recovery, attack success and damage.

1 mag = +2 Max MP (18Mag = +36 Max MP)
MP regen: +3d(Mag/3) = +3d6
+1.25 Magic Hit Ratio for every 1 Mag above 50 (18 Mag = +0 Magic Hit Ratio)
1 mag = 0.3% magic damage(18 Mag = +5% magic damage)
+1 Magic Resistance for every 1 Mag above 50 (18 Mag = +0 Magic Resistance)
Related Skills = Magic, Staff Attack
(6) CHR/LUCK (Charisma/ now Luck):The CHR points define the Luck of a character.The increase of CHR points enables you to buy items at cheaper prices and gain a better chance of getting a drop.

+0.33% Crush Chance for every 1 Luck (10 Luck = +3.30% Crush Chance)
+0.125% NPC Drop Chance for every 1 Luck (10 Luck = +1.50%).
HP(Health Points), MP(Mana Points), SP(Stamina Point), and MaxLoad (Maximum Weight Load) will be calculated by compounding the characteristics above.
    Max Hp = Vit*3 + Lvl*2 + Str/2(Xelima Talent subtracts 35% from this calculation)
    Max MP = Mag*2 + Lvl*2 + INT/2
    Max SP = Lvl*2 + Str*2
    Max.Load = (Str*5) + (Lvl*5)

2.2. Setting characteristic at the beginning


As the above image shows the game will allow you to pre allocate points to make Warrior,Mage or Master,this is for advanced players only.

If you want to swing weapons like swords, axes or hammers you can choose a warrior.

Pure warrior(No Int or Mag) has much more HP and higher Defence,although many Warriors choose to take some points in INT and MAG to defend against Mages.
-PFM Warr(36 Int/20 Mag), Zerker(59 INT/20`50 Mag) and AMP Warr(112 INT- "B-Mage") are all options depending on the style the player wishes to adopt.
These "old skool" builds are now balanced around the New Talent system and careful consideration of the attributes gained or lost with each Talent will be needed to get the best out of your build.

If you prefer to use magic, you should try a mage. Mages may have hard time to level-up at early stages, as compared with warrior. However, after learning some attack spells, mages can cast harmful spells on their enemies and show their great power. The reason, that mages have a difficulty in hunting, is the amount of mana. Without mana, it is next to impossible for mages to hunt and fight,after collecting a basic MP set a mage can begin his journey.

You can develop your mage in certain ways with INT, STR, DEX, and VIT.

Pure MageRefers to a (200 Int/200 Mag) build this requires Min 15 Str to equip the basic Armours eg. leathers
'Dex Mages will usually take the min 15 Str but opt for lower Int and Mag in favour of Dex(50 and upwards) and Vit,this build is often referred to as a support Build forfeiting damage in flavor of survive-ability and acting as a defender to his team Amping , In-vising and casting spells to break Para etc.This type of build also suits Fencers and a whole new world of builds has opened up with the new Talent system.
Battle MageUsually built around 104 - 130 Str a B-Mage utilises the best of both worlds,being able to cast spells like Amp and Energy Strike(some take even higher Int) these type of builds are often supported by Rare items and require good knowledge of the game to play successfully. |}

Basic Controls[edit]

Walking:Click the left mouse button on the screen where you would like to go,click the right mouse button to stop  the action.
Running:Press the 'Shift' key and click any place and then the character will run.[CTRL]+[R] will activate run mode.In order to run you must have stamina (SP).
Attack:Click the left button selecting the character where you want to attack. If the mark is out of range you can not attack.

Standstill Attack: To use distance weapons like archery, click the right button. If the distance is too far, it will not be possible to hit. Differences between enemies and allies: Set the mouse cursor to any character and you will see the difference. Greeting: If you want to greet someone change to peace mode and click the left button to anyone. Oppression Attack: Enemies or allies, if you want to attack press Ctrl key and click the character. Change Direction: Click the right button in to the direction you want Dash-Attack: It means to attack as fast as possible at the same time the enemy. When you are in two blocks of distance press Shift+Ctrl and set the mouse cursor to diagonal or in to a straight line direction. |}

Entering the Helbreath World[edit]

Welcome aboard! So whats on my screen?


(1) The Mini Map:- This helps you to get around.
Press Ctrl/M to enable/disable the Mini Map.
Hovering your mouse over the Mini map will display extra functions like +/- (to enlarge and reduce the view area) and Ctrl/Z to display Monster Pits within the Map area
Double left clicking the mini map will take your character to that location
As we learn more about the Helbreath world we will learn more complex functions of the Mini map.
(2) HP & MP Bars: - Dont forget to keep an eye on your Health!
(3) Stamina Bar:
(4) Map name & Coordinates:Hovering mouse over this area will tell you the Exp Required for the next level up!
(5) Attack Mode button:This must be Red to engage the enemy. If it is Yellow you are in Safe Attack(cannot attack your own town)
and must press HOME to return to Full attack mode.Also controlled by [TAB]
(6) Character Menu: This will open the Character screen where you keep track of all your characters stats, level ups and equipped items.
Take some time to get familiar with this screen as it contains alot of the tools you will need as you develop your character.
(7) Inventory: Where all your items are kept.
(8) Magic List: Your Spell Book.
(9) Skill List: List of skills that you gain from Talents or Skill manuals.
(10) Chat History: Displays the In-Game chats.
(11) Options Tab: Contains basic game options plus the Extended menu, also where you Log out of the game.

When you enter the game you will arrive at the beginner map, here you can get used to the game controls and HUD(heads up display), complete your first quest and pick the town you would like to fight for the honour of.

If you are not sure what town to choose when you stand on 1 of the two town portals the activity of each town will be displayed.

HINT: choosing the more populated town may not always be the best option in this fast paced PvP orientated style of game.