Commands and Hotkeys

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F1 Toggle previous weapon Ctrl + 1- 0 Open magic list from a specific page
F2 Bind weapon/shield/spell Ctrl + R Run/walk
F3 Bind weapon/shield/spell Ctrl + P Ask for party invite
F4 Cast previously used spell Ctrl + A Auto Attack mode on/off
F5 Character info Ctrl + S Music and sounds on/off
F6 Inventory Ctrl + D Detail Level Low/medium/high
F7 Magic List Ctrl + F Friend list
F8 Skills Ctrl + H Freya
F9 Chat History Ctrl + N Targeting neutral and ally
F11 Dialog Box Transparency Ctrl + M Minimap
F12 Main Menu INS/1 Drink Health Potion
DEL/2 Drink Mana Potion /who online players and city balance
Home/4 Safe Attack mode /showdps 1 Show's damage made in 1 second
TAB Attack mode / Peace mode /showkps Shows kills per second
NumpadSub Minimap Zoom out
NumpadAdd Minimap Zoom in