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Armor Attributes[edit]

Defense Ratio (DR)
Defense Ratio armor makes the wearer harder to be hit by physical attacks. 2 DR points is equal to 1 extra point of Dexterity (only counts for evading attacks not your own accuracy).

Magic-Resistance (MR)
Magic-Resistance armor makes the wearer less prone to be hit by magic attacks. To really see any significant difference, you need to have at least 180 MR points with all your armor combined.

HP Recovery (HP)
Recovers your HP more by the % value of the armor. Ex: 21% HP recovery hauberk would make you gain health points by 21% more HP at a time.

MP Recovery (MP)
Recovers your MP more by the % value of the armor. Ex: 42% MP recovery Leather Armor would make you gain mana points by 42% more MP at a time.

Magic Absorbtion (MA)
Magic Absorbtion armor will absorb magic attacks directly into the armor, so the wearer will take less damage. *Note* MA armor does stack based on how much of it you have on total with all your armor %'s combined. Ex: You get hit -100 magic damage but your armor is 50% MA, you only take 50 damage. There is a max of 80%

Physical Absorbtion (PA)
Physical Absorbtion armor will absorb physical attacks directly into the armor, so the wearer will take less damage.*Note* PA does not stack. The damage is removed according to the PA on the part that is hit. Ex: You get hit -100 physical damage that hit's a 21% PA armor you are wearing, you will only take 21 damage less than you would otherwise (In built PA, Shields, Msheilds, etc also reduce damage).



Critical Increase Chance(Crit)


Name Endurance Defence Phys Abs Male Female
Pants 400 5 7% image009.jpg image001.jpg
Knee Trousers 400 4 6% image010.jpg image002.jpg
Shirt 300 5 5% image012.jpg image007.jpg
Robe 600 12 14% image025.jpg image026.jpg
Wizard Robe 800 12 18% image025.jpg image026.jpg
Name Endurance Defence Phys Abs Requirements Male Female
Cap 500 4 5% N/A image003.jpg image003.jpg
Wizard Cap 600 7 10% lvl 60
15 Str
110 Mag
image003.jpg image003.jpg
Wizard Hat 800 10 16% lvl 90
15 Str
130 Mag
image004.jpg image004.jpg

Male Clothing[edit]

Name Endurance Defence Phys Abs Image
Tunic 400 6 7% image011.jpg

Female Clothing[edit]

Name Endurance Defence Phys Abs Image
Bodice 400 6 7% image005.jpg
Long Bodice 400 6 7% image006.jpg
Chemise 300 5 5% image008.jpg
Skirt 400 5 7% image003.jpg

Unisex Clothing[edit]

Name Endurance Defence Image
Shoes N/A 1 image016.jpg
Long Boots N/A 1 image015.jpg
Cape N/A 2 image014.jpg
Combatant Cape N/A 2 image014.jpg

Upper Body Armor[edit]

Name Defence Physical Absorption Endurance Requirements Male Female
Hauberk 8 10% 300 200 None image009.jpg image010.jpg
Knight Hauberk 12 14% 1000 600 Level 70 100 Dexterity image017.jpg image018.jpg
Wizard Hauberk 12 14% 1000 600 Level 90 100 Magic image017.jpg image018.jpg
Leather Armor 10 11% 400 300 15 Strength image011.jpg image012.jpg
Scale Mail 20 20% 600 400 20 Strength image015.jpg image016.jpg
Chain Mail 30 32% 1000 600 30 Strength image007.jpg image008.jpg
Ring Mail 70 Strength
Plate Mail 37 40% 3000 1000 100 Strength
Knight Plate Mail 40 42% 3500 2000 Level 85 100 Strength




Lower Body Armor[edit]

Reduced duration of Massive Illusion Movement to 25 seconds from 40, and of Illusion movement from 30 seconds to 20

Change: Xneck Hit prob (100->160) Mer neck def(70->80) SG neck def(35->40) kloness neck = +8(works like a righteous weapons), physical and magical.

Lucky gold ring set to 40% chance of save from death, and only takes 1hp instead of all but 1.