Capture the Relic is a periodic event held in Astoria.



Announcements will be made in-game to inform players of an upcoming event.

Event announcement

This will allow players to get ready by buying Construction Kits at the Blacksmith's for using them on buildings sites inside Astoria, and to wait inside the Command Hall to teleport.

Event Start

All players will be notified of the event start.
Both nations will be assigned a random position from the 2 Nation altars. The relic will be placed in the middle altar:

Event starting

Players will get Enemy Kills for killing other players, although they will not drop items upon death.
Relic holders will have a white aura under them and all actions slowed by 33%:

Grabbed relic

Victory Conditions

To win, players must get the relic, put it in their nation's altar, and hold it there for 10 minutes.

Capturing relic


Players from the winning nation are able to teleport to Middleland through their City Hall at the cost of 2,500 Gold.