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Creating a Guild[edit]

Any player can create a guild, simply visit the Guild Hall in your city.


Talk to the Guild Hall Ofiicer to create the Guild, your character must be lvl 10 and have 30,000 gold.


Guild Upgrades[edit]

Upon acquiring the required donations from guild members the guild master can choose to purchase the following upgrades for the guild.

Guild Warehouse[edit]

Guild members with the rank of Guildsmen or above may deposit and withdraw from the guild warehouse.

Level 1:(cost) 50 Maj, 1.5 Mill Gold

Activates the guild warehouse and opens up 25 slots.

Level 2:(costs) 3 mill gold, 100 Maj.

Increases Guild warehouse capacity from 25 to 50 slots.

Level 3:(cost)

Guild Summons[edit]

Guild members may be summoned to the guild masters side at a cost of 5000 Gold per summon.

Level 1:(cost)

The guild master may summon guild members with the rank of guildsman or above to:

Aresden - Eternal Field and Silent Woods

Elvine - Rocky Highland and Death Valley

Level 2:(cost) 1 Mill Gold, 100 Maj, 3k Cont, 100 EKs

Aresden - Aresden Dungeon

Elvine - Elvine Dungeon

All - Dungeon Level 2

Level 3:(cost) 2 Mill Gold, 200 Maj, 6k Cont, 200 EKs

All - Middleland

Level 4:(cost) 4 Mill Gold, 400 Maj, 12k Cont, 400 EKs

All - Dungeon Level 3

All - Dungeon Level 4


This upgrade allows the Guildmaster to assign a member the rank of Captain.Captains are able to invite and dismiss players from the guild . A captain may also set the teleport,build areas and summon monsters in The Crusade.

Level 1:(cost)

1 Captain

Level 2:(cost) 500k Gold, 60 Maj, 1k Cont

2 Captains

Level 3:(cost)

Raid Master[edit]

Raid masters provide additional damage to themselves and all nearby guild members partied with them.

Level 1:(cost)

+ 1 damage to players ??

Level 2:(cost) 2 Mill Gold, 400 Maj, 400 EKs

+ 2 damage to players

Level 3:(cost)

Hunt Master[edit]

Hunt Master rank provides a drop increase to all nearby Guild members partied with them.

Level 1:(cost) 500 Maj, 3k Cont, 1.5 Mill gold

+4% Drop Rate

+3% Damage Reduction from mobs

Level 2:(cost) 3 Mill Gold, 1k Maj, 6k Cont

+8% Drop Rate

+6% Damage Reduction from mobs

Level 3:(cost) 6 Mill Gold, 6k Maj, 12k Cont

+12% Drop rate

+9% Damage Reduction from mobs

2 Huntmasters