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Hit Probability[edit]

Hit probability = (attacker hit ratio / defender defense ratio) *62%

Magic hitting probability = attacker magic hit ratio / target magic resistance) * 50%


Your character must be level 50 or more in order to trade/give rep.

Tutelary Angel[edit]

To receive the tutelary Angel you need to have saved 5 majestics, the angel is available from Gail the NPC in your citys Command Hall

Upgrade Req Majestics Upgrade Req Majestics
+1 6 +9 34
+2 8 +10 39
+3 10 +11 44
+4 13 +12 49
+5 16 +13 54
+6 20 +14 59
+7 24 +15 64
+8 29 Total 469


Cont doesn't affect drops anymore. Rep affects it, but the effect scales logarithmically. It also doesn't affect the frequency of drops directly like Luck, so it's hard to put an exact number on it (although Luck increases drops like rep does, to a lesser extent, which means it's actually more than it says it does).,x%2B20)+with+x+from+0+to+1000

Weapon Damage[edit]

There are almost no dices in the game anymore. Damage on weapon 10 just means it does exactly 10 base damage every time. Then combo and such gets added to it

Crush Damage

average damage = damage + damage * crush_chance * crush_damage

Normal Upgrades[edit]

Weapons and Armours may be upgraded with the use of Xelima(weapons) and Merien(Armours) Stones.

Upgrades of this type ate safe until +3.

At +3 if you fail it will downgrade by 1 : ie if you upgrade at +3 it will return to +2,If you upgrade at +5 it will return to +4.

Raid Times[edit]

During the weekends enemy players may enter all of your citys maps and attack relatively unhindered.The only restrictions are time,and certain spells that cannot be used in opposition towns,

-Cloudkill & PoisonCloud -SpikeField -FireField & FireWall

Friday 00:00 through to Sunday 24:00 raid time is 1 hour, this can be reset by leaving the Town maps into Middleland or Dungeon Lv 2.