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Quests update! Version 9.0
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:20 pm 
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Earn event token through quests and trade these tokens for prizes, such as fragile rares.
Drop list on website has also been updated and is now accurate.
See below for the full change log:

New Features and Major Changes
      A few Quest NPCs have been added in the following maps: Garden, Middleland, Dungeon L2, Icebound, Tower of Hell 3
      You must first find these NPCs in each map to have the quests. There are usually repeatable quests and a daily easier version of this quest (repeatable everyday)
      Most quests give Event Token rewards, which you can exchange for other rewards such as fragile rares at the City Hall
    Drop increase
      Increased first drops, specially for high mobs (Ettin and up)
      Increased drop rate for some very rare items that never dropped (Stormbringer, etc...)
    Stripping changes
      Stripping formula was remade. Armors now begin to strip with low chance at 75% endurance
      Criticals deal double endurance damage and have double chance of stripping
      Increased endurance damage on armors that get hit while wearing a shield (20% -> 40%)
      New resizable F9 Chat Log
      Skill progression can now be seen in F8
      Armor upgrades now reduce damage by the same amount of upgrades (only applies to the armor hit; doesn't work for capes or shields). This reduction is applied before PA/MA (in the case of magic, a random armor is chosen like with physical attacks)
      Lowered Cash Shop prices for: Stat Change, Majestics, Gold, reputation, HP slates, Unlearn Haste

Balance Changes
    Short Sword
      Increased Critical Hit Ratio (85 -> 100)
      Increased Stun Ratio (65% -> 70%)
    Long Sword
      Increased Critical Damage Multiplier (+110% -> +115%)
      Increased Dash Damage Multiplier (+30% -> +40%)
      Fencing weapons now get bonus magic damage with upgrades (half as much for DK Sabre)
      Increased Stun Ratio (80% -> 90%)
      Increased Golden Axe damage (10 -> 11)
      Decreased Critical Damage Multiplier (+110% -> 105%)
      Lowered Stun ratio (35% -> 30%)
      +5% stun ratio (with talent)
      Bows will now only fly if the hit is a stunning hit
      Increased endurance of bows
      Halved Hero set damage bonus for archery
      Increased Elemental Malus (-5% -> -8%)
      Removed Crush Chance
      Increased Fury of Thor damage by 1
      Lightning cast speed increased (20% -> 22%)
      Elemental cast speed increased ( 8% -> 14%)
      Cast recovery reduction increased (30% -> 40%)
      Hellfire AoE now hits twice instead of once
      Hellfire damage adjusted (all 4 hits deal same damage now)
      Increased Blizzard damage by 1
      Decreased Elemental Hit Ratio Bonus (10% -> 5%)
      Added Ice Hit Ratio bonus (0% -> 5%)
      Added: –8% chance of being stunned by physical attacks
      Decreased HP regen penalty (65% -> 30%)
      New: -30% HP from Health Potions

    Drop for stones doubled, but lowered in low mobs (scorpions and below)
    Slightly increased upgrading chances
    Criticals now grant +5% stun ratio
    Increased elemental protection necklaces (15% -> 20%, 30% -> 35%)
    Lowered Crusade building health (17 -> 13)
    Shield usage rate is now 10 + skill 9/10 (increases shield rate/average PA for low dex characters)
      MA is now a bit more common
      Increased PA and DR of a few armors, including Hero Cap and Hero Robe
      Adjusted selling price of many items (most monster parts were increased)
      Zemstones can now be sold
      Increased regen of some meats

    Other Changes
      Poison Res no longer counts towards make skill count (if you mistakenly lowered your Poison Res, it will now be back up to 40%)
      Fixed opening guild warehouse causing equipped helm to bug and potentially crash client when clicked
      Fixed not being able to take screenshots in 16-bit
      Fixed Maze and Druncncity not being considered Apocalypse maps (ie. no damage bonus, being able to recall/relog)
      Players can now type /mcount to see number of monsters left in Apocalypse maps
      Fixed specialty damage reduction to not get hit by mobs if damage goes below 1 (will now hit for 1)
      Fixed Sharp, Ancient and Agile not increasing sell price
      Fixed mana converting stat to recover all mana when the above bug triggered
      Removed bugged safezones in procella and infernia
      EK screenshots are now saved in a different folder and named with victim's name
      Fixed Guild Name Change ticket not working
      Fixed Merien Talent not updating F5's MP regen statistic
      Fixed Magic Ruby not updating F5's HP regen statistic
      Fixed Elemental resistance not updating F5's elemental absorption statistic
      Magic skill now trains faster when killing mobs, like other weapons (based on mob's max HP)
      Decreased amount of roaming mobs in toh3 and icebound

    Rare Item Changes
      Excalibur damage increased (14 -> 16)
      Excalibur full swing increased (78 -> 104)
      Blood Axe damage increased (16 -> 17)
      Kloness Axe damage increased (18 -> 19)
      Kloness Axe full swing decreased (182 -> 169)
      Black Shadow Sword full swing lowered (182 -> 156)
      Sword of Thirst full swing lowered (182 -> 169)
      Dark Executor damage increased (19 -> 20)
      Fixed Lucky Gold Ring not working
      Necklace of Ice Pro and Ice Ele now grant 50% and 100% resistance to Freeze, respectively (up from non-intended 30 and 60%)
      Devlin Shield DR and PA increased

    Minor Changes/Fixes
      Fixed using strength angel to equip items not correctly equipping items on login (appearing that you are wearing the armor but not actually wearing it in F5)
      Fixed Ogre Potion not working
      Fixed HP Siphon bugging the player when explosive mobs killed that same player
      Fixed Berserk slate giving Minor Berserk instead of Berserk
      Fixed Helfire showing a mana cost of 180 on client when it is actually 170
      Fixed getting teleported to odd place in jail when dying in jail and then recalling
      Clicking on items to sell them must now be done exactly on the item rather than on the item rectangle to prevent accidental selling
      Client settings are now saved when changed, rather than when the client is exited (if the game crashes your settings will remain)
      Critical hit ratio is now displayed in F5
      Fixed hero disappearing from warehouse when changing town or sex
      Minor adjustments to some mobs' exp
      Only reward contribution on EKs, rather than all kills
      Fixed a rare bug causing some mobs to stop doing anything, and will also not disappear from the ground once dead
      Fixed item info showing double when clicking on equipped item
      Removed oddly-placed safezones in farms

March 10th Hotfixes:
    Chat Log fixes
      Fixed chat scrolling to the bottom every time someone talks when it's full
      Top left chat no longer appears when chat log is open
      Double clicking on chat type enables that type only
      Fixed Ctrl + T. You can now also double click in a line to whisper that player (works on any part of the message)

    Added Crusade on Friday at 8:30 server time (UTC-5)
    Fixed daily quest cooldowns
    Removed archery only flying when stunning
    Reduced Short Sword stun rate back to 65% (since criticals give +5% stun rate now)
    Reduced Xelima Max HP penalty (-30% -> -25%)
    Reduced HP pot penalty (-30% -> -25%)
    Added Total Tokens Earned statistic
    Further reduced spawn rate in toh3


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